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We are proud to work with a vast selection of the equestrian industry's finest names.
Providing structured communication & marketing campaigns, editorial pieces, sponsorship coordination, event management and brand strategy, we are proud to support our partners with our unrivalled, flexible services.

Our focuses is on strengthening the brand identity and procedures of equestrian businesses.
We celebrate the individuality of all entities and deliver custom solutions tailored to your unique brand and its unique vision.


“Historically, Equerry (noun) means an officer of the household who would assist members of the Royal Family, or who had charge over the stables.”


Our experience from the International equestrian scene allows us to promote services for equestrians, by equestrians. We work on a one-to-one basis with all our partners, and will openly discuss your requirements to find the best path for you. If your needs are considered better supported by other industry contributors, Christine have great connections with other creatives who will help bring your business ideas to life.

Much like an equerry, this is what EQuerry Consulting's services will do for you and your business: Take control of the areas you would like to improve or develop, to help grow your brand.

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For Equestrians,
By Equestrians

EQuerry works as an extension of your company, adding value within a variety of areas. We provide marketing services for equestrians by equestrians, with the goal of simply supporting your passion!

If you have an equestrian business, you can be sure we understand your customers. This is because, as passionate equestrians ourselves, we are consumers of pretty much every equestrian goods or services around! And because we know equestrians and the industry you are in, we can make sure that we provide services that you and your clients will love.


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Christine Bjerkan, Equestrian Marketing

Behind EQuerry Consulting ltd. is Christine Bjerkan, a digital marketer and equestrian from Scandinavia.

With the evolution of equestrian sport comes the necessity for providing marketing services that can promote the individuals and stakeholders involved in the industry. This is Christine’s aspirations with EQuerry Consulting.


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