Equine By Vidal Photography

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EQuerry is proud to announce it’s partnership with Swedish photographer Mayra Vidal, the founder of Equine By Vidal Photography.

Equine By Vidal was the result of a combined love for photography and horses. The company’s experience span from dressage, showjumping and racing industry, but also encompasses tasteful private yard- and rider shoots. Offering creativity with no limits, Equine By Vidal has also extensive experience from commercial photoshoots, working with the world renowned PS of Sweden amongst others.

Horses have always been part of my life, to see them brings me joy and peace.
— Mayra Vidal

Also offering photography workshops, you can travel with Equine By Vidal to beautiful locations to learn about the depth and breadth of equine photography, providing an opportunity to expand any budding photographer’s portfolio. Their next workshop is at Monte Barrão in Portugal. Check Equine By Vidal Photography for more information on this and other upcoming workshops.

You can see the quality of Equine By Vidal’s work across our website, where they have kindly provided imagery to be used across EQuerry Consulting’s public channels. A collection of their work can also be seen below.

EQuerry is delighted to move forwards working with such a young and talented company. We look forwards to seeing them grow from strength to strength!