Create A Tailor-Made Marketing Strategy for You Equestrian Business

It is safe to say that the world of digital marketing is here to stay. Despite this, there are equestrian business owners who aren’t considering the untapped possibilities that lies ahead of them through the use of digital marketing. With online connectivity around the clock, businesses have to make their digital presence as powerful as possible at all times, and in this blog we will discuss how you can best do this.

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is for the consumers to find your business and vice versa. Digital marketing allows any business to use different methods such as websites, social media, videos, display marketing, emails and other forms of electronic technology to connect with their existing and potential customers.

According to statistics, 72% of adults use social media, 90 % use emails and over 64% of traffic comes from Google searches. Regardless of numbers, how many people do you know who don’t have a smartphone or tablet? Can you count anyone in your social circle that does not have a social media account? The WWW has put the world at people’s fingertips, which is why it is important that you create a strong digital presence that reaches the prospective consumers as successfully as possible.

An effective digital marketing strategy should include:

Definition:– A clear business goals

Research:– Know your market and target audience - Who are they?

Strategy:– A defined plan to reach your goals - What do you wish to achieve?

Implementation – The tools, people and skills to drive your strategy

Analysis – A thorough and detailed analysis of the strategy accompanied by the ability to improve upon success - Do you understand the data collected from your campaign and how this can yield future results?

Unity – Each division of the business working together and communicating effectively in accordance with their strategy and business definition

Of course, digital marketing tactics are not easy and every business/industry is different and has diversifying requirements. One obstacle within our industry is that we are strongly rooted in tradition. This yields a rich heritage and back-story, but does not necessarily make for easy growing of your business!

It is important to understand that there is no one-size fits all strategy for digital marketing or marketing in general. For instance, a strategy used for a pay-per-click campaign would not be applicable for social media marketing and vice versa, just like a strategy on Facebook or Twitter that works well for a charity will not be suitable for an eccommerce business. However, but both can generate great business from these channels.

You must consider what you wish to achieve from your marketing strategy. Do you wish to increase brand awareness, generate new business, or advertise an upcoming event? Your ideal outcome will lay the foundation for your campaign and the methods you use to help you reach your goal!

We can help implement a digital marketing strategy which is tailor-made to your requirements.
Before recommending a strategy for your business, we fully understand your company’s objectives, the current marketing tactics you are using and any major issues that you are facing. Our expertise and experience helps us determine the strategy that best suits your goals and budgets.
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