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Our Top 3 Tips To Instagram Success in 2019

Instagram has over 1.0 billion monthly active users, and was one of the fastest growing platforms of 2018. To get you marketing efforts for 2019 off to a great start, here are three things that you should do RIGHT NOW to set your instagram up for success in 2019!

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Social Media Marketing - Our Top Tips for your Small Business

As an equestrian business owner, you’re likely restricted on funds, time, and/or manpower. In other words: You need to enter this space with a game plan, because without one, social media marketing will quite literally be like traveling to outer space without a tour guide. So to help you out, here are our best tips for where to start, what to post, and how to measure your success!

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Social Media Marketing - A Measured Approach

Everyone is on social media these days, and so is your equestrian business. You’ve been told that using social media as a marketing tool is free, and that utilising the platforms is a vital part in yielding your business success. Correct us if we are wrong, but like most business owners specialising in an area outside marketing, your knowledge may stop there? To help you take your marketing to the next level, we have included some simple questions to which your answers will help you take a measured approach when marketing on your social platforms!

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