Time Management: Create More Time

Why do we have such a hard time managing our time? With 24 hours in the day, you would’ve thought that we had plenty of time to get everything done! If you are one of those who, like us, struggle to keep to time, read on!


We have turned our time-losing into time-winning, resulting in days where we can pat ourselves on the back for finishing projects early.  Early?! Yup, that’s unheard of in the equestrian industry, right? We have prepared the below tips to help you create more time, and following them will get you on the right track for to things done in a timely manner.  Make yourself and your team stick to them for 14 days, and you will most certainly notice a difference in productivity! 

  1. Make a to-do list for every day

·      List tasks in the order you're planning to handle them.

·      Indicate tasks that are worth or require you spending more time on them.

·      Check off each task when it's completed (the satisfaction is real).

·      Write down unfinished tasks for the next day's list.

Psst: Of all the to-do list’s, apps and accountability programs we have ever used, we recommend using Asana. Starting from a free package to business plans, Asana has easy to use features suited most variations of projects and tasks you can think of.  It works well for individuals, small teams and large businesses, and will increase you and your team’s accountability as well as time management (see point 3).

2.    SYNCHRONISE your calendars and ORGANISERS.

This one might sound obvious, but by syncing your notes on all devices such as your PC/Mac and mobile device, you won’t miss anything important.  

3.    Action plan.

Failing to plan is simply planning to fail! Write a detailed action plan for each day and do your best to stick to it. However, set realistic goals! It is always better to establish a few small goals instead of a big one that could be difficult to attain. Once you achieve a small goal, you’ll get more motivated to continue to the next one, and will start enjoying the process of doing so.

Psst: Are you struggling to complete your work in reasonable time?  Don’t let time slip away from you - Sign up to Harvest!  Using Harvest has changed how we manage and dedicate time to projects, both our own and our client’s.  Before using Harvest we would both over- and under-estimate time requirements for a large variety of our daily tasks.  Since using the application, we have been able to fine-tune our time management and make the most of our working hours!  What makes it even better is that it integrates with Asana, allowing you to manage your time and to-do’s from the same platform! With a 30-day free trial, you get a chance to get into the swing of using the app before signing up to any of their monthly subscriptions. 


4.    Schedule all the challenging work for the time of the day when you are most energetic and alert!

If you are struggling to get certain types of work completed or even started, you can also try adopting the method of doing the least pleasant tasks first.  Once they are out of your way, you will feel more energised to work through less challenging and more fun tasks!

Psst: Do you like to read? We highly recommend reading ‘Eat That Frog!: Get more of the important things done – Today!’ by Bryan Tracy.

5. Limit your time doing everything non-work related whilst at work. 

On average, people touch their phone 2,617 times per day, with the top 10% swiping and tapping in at 5,427.  These interactions equates to 3.75 hours per day for the heavy user! If you charge £25 / hour for your work, that equates to £93.75. EVERY DAY.

Are you distracted by your phone? Turn your notifications off and find digital balance with Offtime. The goal of the app is to help you take back control in a highly connected and distraction-crazy world, allowing you to focus and have more time focusing on other things. With Offtime, you can choose to block or restrict apps, calls, messages and notifications not related to your time in the office. Plus, you get an analysis of your phone usage so that you may be able to act on it accordingly! 

Personally, we keep our average daily use of our favoured social platform Instagram to a daily average of 12-30 minutes. Not too bad for someone who uses the application every day in the office?! We also get majority of our leads from this platform and dare say there is no link between time spend on the app and your success rate.


Do you want help managing tasks that take up too much of your time? We can offer social media management services, as well as other marketing and web design services! Call us for a friendly chat and ask for Christine.