At EQuerry we deliver services with a breadth of skill, strategy and proven methods to ensure absolute preservation of your professional image.

Our services will allow you focus on what you do best whilst we take care of the rest. Our packages are tailor made for every individual client to guarantee the perfect service.



Marketing Services & Campaign Management

You know your message, but when it comes to getting your message across you need to take the right steps to get your business in front of the correct audience.

As fundamental as the quality of your content is the management, strategy and continuity behind it. To assist in planning and delivery, we offer marketing and campaign management services, where we deliver and execute rounded, managed and measurable marketing campaigns for your equestrian business.

Our aim is to engage with the masses, providing you vast, quick and relevant leads.


Media Management

One of the cheapest yet most effective marketing tools available is your social media platforms.

We will put together a social media plan and strategy, either as a singular marketing method or in cohesion with an existing marketing campaign.

Able to manage your social media for you, or provide you with the tools to indepedantly get your message out there, we have a bespoke social media strategy for you and your industry niche.

Continuously testing our methods and continuously proving our worth, we truly can make your presence felt.


Public Relations & Communications

Modesty is an admirable quality, however it will not get you front page coverage.

We have strong relationships with equestrian media outlets and can assist you with regards to publishing your products, editorials, blogs, and other material. Also offering copywriting services, we can copywrite all articles on your behalf, and circulate across all appropriate equestrian media outlets.


Website Design

Your website should be your hardest working employee. Acting as a platform away from social media, for which you and your business successes can be broadcasted, it provides an important channel for potential supporters and clients to view your brand and services.

We can set up your domain names and hosting servers, design, content write and build your entire website from our affordable templates or entirely to your specifications. In addition,

If you already have a website, EQuerry offer website management services, keeping your website up to date with reviews, blogs, events and product additions, making sure it is performing at its best.


Event Management

With years of equestrian event experience, we can create a personally tailored event to suit you, your needs, and your attendees, whatever discipline and budget!

Having planned, scheduled and managed events running at a variety of venues from local unaffiliated shows, National Championship qualifiers, to International events such as the Para Equestrian European Championship 2009, we have vast experience in the pedantic precision that goes into making your event flawless.

Aware of official rules and governing body guidelines, we can organise and execute any equestrian event from little to large. We manage each penny as if it was our own, and continuously asses the return on investment each decision may have.

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our process

How We Work

Our Process

  • Planning and Prep

    We offer a 30min free consultation, allowing you to describe what you have in mind and for us to suggest areas in which we can help! We will also supply you with a questionnaire in order for us to fully grasp what you wish to achieve, upon which we will tailor a process before moving forwards with your project.

  • Work

    Based on our original conversation and questionnaire, we produce a scope of works which details all the areas of your requirements. In accordance with this and the timeline established, work will commence! All timelines incorporate designated timeframe for revision of the project(s) to assure we have met your goal.

  • Follow-Up

    All our packages include a handover lesson via Skype or Zoom, a step-by-step guide (if applicable), and email assistance after the work is completed. We care greatly about our clients success, and are able to be as involved as you wish when the project is finalised. We are always just a phone away!



“EQuerry will get you one stride ahead in the world of equestrian business development!  They support you and provide unrivalled marketing, brand strategies and solutions.”