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At EQuerry we believe that all those involved in equestrianism share the mutual interest of promoting health and performance for the development of our sporting disciplines.

We aim to help you focus on what you do best, as chances are you don’t have the time or expertise to work on developing your business, branding, or social media presence, all whilst running your business!



“EQuerry will get you one stride ahead in the world of equestrian business development!  They support you and provide unrivalled marketing, brand strategies and solutions.”


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How We Work



Whether you are just starting up your equestrian business, training horses, developing your brand, sourcing products, or wanting to get your brand involved with the equestrian industry, EQuerry Consulting can help you. As no two businesses are the same, we deliver custom solutions, tailored to you, your unique business, your brand, and your event, sponsors, owners and vision.

With an established network in marketing, communication services and the equine industry, we will be able to find the best solutions to suit your needs. Whether you wish to enhance your public image through website and social media improvements, launch a new product or improve sales of existing product lines, EQuerry has the tools and connections to heighten your presence within the industry and help you achieve your goals.


Our Process

  • Planning and Prep

    We offer a 30min free consultation, allowing you to describe what you have in mind and for us to suggest areas in which we can help! We will also supply you with a questionnaire in order for us to fully grasp what you wish to achieve, upon which we will tailor a process before moving forwards with your project.

  • Work

    Based on our original conversation and questionnaire, we produce a scope of works which details all the areas of your requirements. In accordance with this and the timeline established, work will commence! All timelines incorporate designated timeframe for revision of the project(s) to assure we have met your goal.

  • Follow-Up

    All our packages include a handover lesson via Skype or Zoom, a step-by-step guide (if applicable), and email assistance after the work is completed. We care greatly about our clients success, and are able to be as involved as you wish when the project is finalised. We are always just a phone away!



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