Frequently Asked Questions


+ What Services Can I Outsource?

Just about anything! It all comes down to how much your time is worth. Have you considered how much more you could make per month if you could focus on your areas of expertise, having someone handle the things you would rather not spend time on? EQuerry can do exactly this for you, without all the fuss of a taking on a member of staff.

+ What Services Do You Offer?

EQuerry was launched to help equestrian and country niche brands to transform their approach to sales and revolutionise their approach to business and marketing. We can handle all aspects of communication (PR) strategies, social media and website management, event management, rider relations and sponsorship coordination. The list is near enough never ending!

+ What Service Packages Can You Provide?

We aim to offer business improvement services for the equestrian world and the brands associated with it. We provide tailored pacakges for all our equestrian PR and Marketing services, custom made to your requirements and budget!

+ What is the duration of the average contract?

The answer is simply for how short or as long as you want! We will make recommendations to what we consider is best suited your goal, but can work on an hourly basis or contrated for a longer period of time. The choice is yours!

+ What Does It Cost?

All our services are tailored to your needs, and the question should therefore be reversed: What do you wish to achieve, and what is your budget? The services listed on our website will cover all areas you most readily aim to improve within your business. The starting prices for our services are £25, with a standard monthly subscription starting at £180.



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