Public Relations

A PR campaign is a wise investment for any business who’s aim is well-rounded exposure. We can help you implement PR as part of your marketing strategy at any stage of your business development, covering everything from events to product releases.

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Here at EQuerry the team work hard to nurture our relations within publications and press sectors that will best serve our clients, and you have most likely already seen some of our published work in high-profile, relevant publications.

As readers are more likely to pay attention to editorial pieces than standalone advertising, incorporating PR into your overall marketing strategy has proven successful. A useful tool for any business and at any stage of it’s development, coverage will help you build your brand recognition and attract attention.

Specialising in the equestrian industry, we spend little time learning about your product and its place in the market because we already understand the sector within which you operate. This allows us to provide premium services at smaller prices!

Our PR packages start from £197. Want to know more? Please see some of our existing press releases below and contact us for more information and a friendly chat!