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You already know that social media is key to marketing your business as it is an incredibly cost-effective way to raise brand awareness and connect with your customers. However, it can be time consuming to both manage and understand! Whether you are looking for help building your presence on that one network that you are struggling with, or you want to hand over the reins to your social media completely, we can help.

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If your approach to social media sporadic, you are too busy to spend time developing your social media channels, you have not seen the results you hoped for, or you simply don’t know where to start? Don’t despair! Not only do we know the equestrian industry, but we are also aware of the ever-changing algorithms and the different demographics utilising social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. With a strategic approach and creative flair, we will help you manage your social media in cohesion with your already existing campaigns.

Whether you are looking to completely outsource all social management, we can help with our equestrian social media services or simply want to be given advice on how you can be growing your profiles, we’ve got your back. See below for the services we provide:

✓ Social Media Management

We can also provide full management of any of your social accounts! By outsourcing the management and content creation of your social platforms you will have time to focus on the areas of your business that you already know well.

Starting from £280 per month, this includes daily posts, highly researched and targeted hashtag usage where appropriate, optimised images and graphics for the individual platform, and an end of month report. We will share the planning process with you so that you retain control over messaging and can integrate your social media into your overall marketing strategy.


✓ Account Set-Up

Not on social media yet? We will help identify what platforms will work for your business, as well as help set these accounts up.

✓ Social Media Audits

So your business has a social presence, but you are struggling to achieve consistent results. Don’t get frustrated, it happens for all busy business owners! Let us help you by evaluating your social platforms. We will work with you to give your social media pages a full check-up, help you identify achievable goals and build future-proof strategy that works for you and your business..


✓ Content Creation

To help you build a profile that work in line with your brand, we can create specialised content to make sure each posted picture is optimised to suit your brand. As every social platform has it’s own optimised dimensions for images, we’ve got your back when it comes to creating images to accompany your ad campaign(s) or propose Instagram grid layouts.


✓ Event Coverage

Have you got an upcoming event and wish to have this covered on your social platforms in the best possible way?
With experience from National and International level competitions, we can provide up-to-date event coverage for your equestrian shows.

✓ Advertisement Campaigns

Running advertisement campaigns on Facebook is an excellent method for reaching a wider audience, however they do require specific targeting strategies. We can propose and create ad campaigns suited your specific needs, and will monitor and manage these before providing you with a detailed report of your campaign success.


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