Sponsorship Management

Equestrian sport- and event sponsorship

EQuerry’s sponsorship management services will ensure that contracts are being fulfilled by all participating parties and that sponsorship obligations are met.
We will also produce regular updates for sponsors, as well as assist both parties in generating ideas for campaigns and future project opportunities.

Not only helping you manage your your sponsorship contracts we gain you, we will also manage any existing agreements you may have.

Thinking sponsorship is only for athletes looking to partner up? Think again! We also specialise in helping brands connect with riders that suit their image and campaign,
and can further assist with sponsorship management for your event.



What We Offer:

  • Specialist knowledge – Providing specialist insights into areas of equestiran sport

  • Commercial audit - Evaluating your current asset list and value drivers and identifying additional on potential future opportunities

  • Partnership strategy – Defining an approach, with supporting processes, to effectively manage partners, increasing the potential for retention and/or upsell

  • Research and insight – Acquiring an understanding of fans and their behaviour in order to develop insight to inform decision making

    Measurement and evaluation – Building a robust measurement and evaluation framework to influence and report return on investment (ROI) for partners

  • Contract negotiation - Offering support and advice, we want to ensure you sell only the necessary rights and protections for the best price

  • Sponsorship management - Providing a communication channel, assuring messages are on-brand and on point

  • Sourcing sponsorship - We prefer calling this sourcing partnerships, as we focus on compatibility and uniqueness. We work with international riders, event managers and equestrian- and non-equestrian brands, focusing on how establishing an intricate partnership may benefit you or your business’s profile .


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